Instrument Rentals in Pueblo, CO

If you are an aspiring professional musician or a first-time student looking to get your feet wet, you may want to consider renting an instrument before you purchase one. Buying an instrument is a substantial investment, and you should be completely certain of your decision prior to making your purchase.

Marck Time Music offers a unique rent-to-own program that allows you to invest in an instrument without purchasing it outright. If you opt to pursue music instrument rentals in Pueblo, CO, our rent-to-own program allows you to put the total cost of your rental toward the purchase of your instrument. You can take advantage of this unique service by visiting our store and discussing it with one of our service representatives.


Rent-to-Own Instruments

We are proud to offer sales and rentals of some of the most well-regarded brand-names in the music world. Our store carries Jupiter-brand brass, woodwind and band instruments.

Our competitive rent-to-own program is perfect for aspiring musicians who may not be ready to make the investment required to purchase an instrument outright. Here are just some of the advantages offered by our instrument rent-to-own service:

  • Used and New Instruments

    You can use our rent-to-own program on both used and new instruments. We have a wide range of instrument selections that suit nearly every budget and interest!

  • Commitment-Free Flexibility

    Our musical instrument rentals in Pueblo, CO are completely risk-free. If you don’t like your instrument or choose to terminate the rental for any reason, there are no penalties.

  • Discounts and Exchanges

    All of your rental fees will apply toward the purchase of your instrument. If you opt to purchase your instrument outright or pay it off completely within four months, you will receive a 20 percent discount.

Renting an Instrument

If you aren’t ready to purchase an instrument, but want to engage in our rent-to-own program, you should reach out to one of our helpful representatives for more information on how the program works. Contact us today at 719-564-9548 to learn more!

Music and Accessories in Pueblo, CO

Marck Time Music is the premier provider of music instrument accessories in Pueblo, CO! We offer a wide range of books, sheet music and instrument accessories that can help you attain your educational goals.


Accessory and Book Sales

Our store is a one-stop shop for everything that you could possibly need to reach the next level of playing. Here are just some of the essentials that we offer to both beginning and established players:

  • Method Books

    These helpful learning tools can provide you with the insight you need to master your next piece. Visiting the best music book store in Pueblo, CO, is a sure-fire way to ensure that you are getting the most detailed method books on the market!

  • Sheet Music

    Are you ready to tackle your next piece? Pay a visit to your local sheet music store in Pueblo, CO to obtain whatever musical masterpiece suits your desires! You can find myriad works from all your favorite composers at Marck Time Music.

  • Instrument Accessories

    We offer a wide range of accessories to help you along on your musical journey. Our store offers strings, mutes, mouthpieces and more! We are the most trusted provider of musical instrument accessories in Pueblo, CO.

We are proud to carry some of the finest method books and instruction guides available, including:

  • Essential Elements Band Method

  • Standards of Excellence Band Method

  • John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano

We offer books for piano instruction, band instruction and a wide range of instrument-specific method guides. Additionally, we are well-known distributors of Jupiter instrument accessories and parts.

Purchasing Books and Accessories

Find out if your desired book or accessory is available in our store today. If we don’t your selected item in stock, we will gladly order it. Contact us at 719-564-9548 to learn more about our full range of inventory offerings!

Private Lessons in Pueblo, CO

 Sarah Carothers
Judith De Rosa
Debby King Pueblo West
Sue Dugan
Leslie Neldner
Greg Creager
Bonnie Carpenter
Patty Fimple
Lori Judkins
Beverly McCartee
Michelle Davis
Kimberly Whitney
(719) 542-5318
(Also – Accordion Lessons)
Donna Rae Noble
Saskia Hassan
(719) 231-6856
(Piano and Organ Instructor)
Elisa Angstead
Sue Dugan
Alexia Huebschman
Ashley Howard-Lewis
Gina Parker
(719) 545-3430
(Flute – Beginner to Intermediate)
Kenneth Leuer
(719) 214-6029
(Flute – Beginner to Advanced)
Elisa Angstead


Dan Wiley
(719) 250-7189
(719) 647-0233
(French Horn)
Matt Mauro
Sarah Carothers
Jacqueline Gaines
Jeri Jorgensen
(Lives in Colorado Springs
comes to Pueblo for lessons)
Judith De Rosa
Leslie Neldner
Leigh Cortese
Jean Whitmore
Adria Holden
Jennifer Shadle Peters
(719) 543-7802
Work: (719) 549-2122
(Ages 10 to High School)
Lori Judkins
Louis Lucero
Mike Landreth
Dexter Wiggins