Instrument Repair in Pueblo, CO

If you’re looking for music instrument repair in Pueblo, CO, Marck Time Music is the perfect place for you. Our reliable instrument repair services are ideal for professional musicians, students and hobbyists alike. We are known for our professional and prompt repair services.

We provide repair clients with a free estimate of the cost of their repairs before we begin any work. We do request that the instrument is brought into the store in order to determine which repair they need. Most minor repairs can be completed while you wait in the shop. If, however, your instrument is in need of more substantial services, we offer free loaner instruments whenever possible.


Repair Services

We offer repairs and services to a wide range of instruments in several different condition levels. Here are just some of the repair and maintenance offerings that we provide:

  • Used and New Instruments

    We provide a wide range of services for string instrument repair in Pueblo, CO. Our staff can assist you with fixing a wide range of problems you may encounter with your stringed instrument. Whether you need your bridge re-shaped, a sound-post readjusted or your seams resealed, we’re the right shop for the job.

  • Brass Instrument Repairs

    If your tuba or other brass instrument has suffered denting or other damage, Marck Time Music is the perfect supplier of brass instrument repair in Pueblo, CO for you. We also offer advanced cleaning and tooling techniques for your wind instruments.

  • Bow Re-Hair Services

    Ensure that you are making the most of your stringed instrument’s capabilities by keeping your bow in tip-top shape. Bows should generally be re-haired a minimum of twice per year, though vigorous playing and high humidity will require more frequent servicing.

Obtaining Instrument Repairs

If your instrument has sustained damage or just regular wear-and-tear, you should contact us today to begin the process of repairing it. Call us today at 719-564-9548 to receive your free estimate!