Marck Time Rentals

Marck Time Music offers a rent-to-own program on all of it's new and used instruments.

Marck Time Music has a wide range of instrument pricing to meet any budget.

The rent-to-own program is very flexible, allowing you to return the instument
at any time, for any reason, without penalities.

There is even an exchange program that allows you to trade your instrument for a different one!

-100%  of your rental payment will apply in full until the instrument is paid off or returned

- If you purchase your instrument outright, or pay it of within four months, you'll
receive a 20% discount!

- Free loan instruments provided while your instrument is being repaired.
(Subject to availability.)

Used instruments:
Flutes, Clarnets etc
30.92 includes tax & M&r

Alto Saxophones etc
47.96 includes tax & M&R

Tenor Saxophone
50.11 includes tax & M&R

Violin & Drums
27.92 rent & Tax

New instruments:

Flutes, clarinets, trumpets, & trombones
35.22 includes tax & M&R

Alto Saxophones
58.70 includes tax & M&R

Tenor Saxophones
69.44 includes tax & M&R

Violins & Percussions Kits